Whitewater 2018, House #12

Habitat homeowners help build and purchase their houses. They make monthly payments on an affordable mortgage, and get to enjoy a safe and stable place to live. This home was built in Whitewater, WI.

125 N. Wakely, Whitewater Update –September 2016
We once again have the skills and energy of the UW Whitewater Habitat for Humanity club students and have made much progress:

  • Completed all vapor barrier paint
  • Cut and installed all trim for first floor windows, closets and doors
  • Spackled and sanded all nail holes
  • Caulked doors and windows
  • Applied first coat of paint to all trim and doors
  • Installed all closet shelves and hardware
  • Cleared yard of debris and cut down over growth
  • Applied railings to the porch and deck (this task was completed solely by the homeowners and their family over the holiday weekend!)

125 N. Wakely Update –July 2016
Please meet our new home owners and some of their wonderful family (left to right: MJ, (a contractor and Damion’s cousin from Chicago), Amber (home owner and busy mother), Tyler (homeowner’s son, hard worker and great dancer), Damion (home owner and worker extraordinaire), Dathne (Damion’s sister).
In spite of the warm, warm weather, progress continues on our home. Professionals completed all inspection-related processes (electrical, plumbing, insulation, cement pilings, electrical box, etc.). It’s taken long hours of sweat equity, not only from our home owners, Amber and Damion, but members of their families along with their friends and dedicated volunteers to accomplish the following:

  • Insulating the entire house
  • Completing all dry-wall related tasks, (installation, mudding, sanding)
  • Painting the majority of the interior of the house with vapor barrier primer
  • Finishing garage work in order to apply new siding (window demo, new framing, plywood resurfacing)