Do you or someone you know need exterior home repairs?

Sometimes even the smallest home improvement projects can make the biggest difference in someone’s quality of life. That’s where Habitat for Humanity’s A Brush with Kindness program comes in by making affordable home repairs for homeowners in our local community.

For 2022, Habitat for Humanity in Walworth County is focusing on helping as many homeowners as we can by ensuring families in our community live in safe and well-maintained homes.

A Brush with Kindness makes exterior home repair services like porch repairs, exterior door repairs and replacement, broken windows repair, taking care of tree hazards, exterior painting, exterior clean-up, landscaping, and lawn clean-up.

We use volunteers, donated materials, and no-interest loans to make the repairs to help homeowners continue to live independently and securely in safe and well-maintained homes. The program helps low-income homeowners impacted by age, disability or family circumstances who may be struggling with home maintenance.

Qualifications for A Brush with Kindness:

    • Must own and live in your home
    • Must be resident of Walworth County
    • Income must be less than 60% of the county median income
    • Must have homeowners insurance
    • Must be current on mortgage payments and property taxes
    • Must pass background check

If you or someone you know is in need for exterior home repairs, fill out our online application to be considered for our A Brush with Kindness program.