We are currently completing a home in Pell Lake/Bloomfield. The next project is tentatively planned for 2021; location to be determined. Please email us or call the office for more information.

What is a Habitat House?

Do I need a down payment?

Sweat Equity?

Am I Eligible?

How do I Apply?

If I’m Selected…?


What is a Habitat House?

Habitat builds safe, energy-efficient homes that are affordable to families who otherwise may not be able to afford a home. Because homes are built to match the family’s needs and site conditions, no two Habitat homes are exactly the same.

Habitat houses are built with skilled carpenters, licensed contractors, and volunteer helpers. They are constructed to the prevailing codes, using quality new and like-new materials, and with the high standards established by Habitat for Humanity International.

Habitat houses are sold to PARTNER families at no profit, through zero-interest loans. The cost of a Habitat home is generally lower than the price of comparable conventional housing.

As a PARTNER family, you will help build your home (as well as help build other Habitat homes), become the owner of that home, and make monthly payments for the mortgage and property taxes. You will also be responsible for items such as homeowners’ insurance, utilities, maintenance and other expenses and responsibilities of a homeowner. It is your house, you own it!

Do I need a down payment?

Sweat equity (see below) will be your down payment on your home. There is a $500 deposit required after selection, prior to closing. When you move into your Habitat home, you will be responsible for the mortgage payments, insurance, and taxes on your home. There may also be closing costs due at time of occupancy associated with utilities, insurance, and other standard home purchase closing costs. House maintenance will become your responsibility.

Sweat Equity…?

A family wishing to apply for Habitat housing must be willing to participate fully in building or refurbishing a Habitat home. The selected family is expected to work on Habitat projects before purchasing their own Habitat home. This is called sweat equity.

Habitat for Humanity in Walworth County requires families selected for housing to contribute a minimum of 250 hours per adult in the family on their own home or other Habitat projects. Any family member over the age of 11 may count their productive work on a Habitat project as sweat equity.

Tasks a family may perform include clearing a lot, actual construction, preparing food for workers, telephone, typing, etc. Friends and relatives of the selected family may help the family meet their quota of sweat equity hours by contributing up to 1/2 of the needed hours.

The Family Support Committee of Habitat for Humanity in Walworth County is responsible for recording and calculating sweat equity hours for each PARTNER family. A form is used by the committee to record the hours.

Once a family has purchased and moved into a Habitat home, the family is expected to maintain the house. Work related to on-going home maintenance is not considered sweat equity.

Am I Eligible?

How does your family qualify?

Qualified families are recommended by the Family Selection Committee to the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity in Walworth County for final selection. To qualify, you must:

  • Show you are in inadequate housing now and are unable to build or buy a home with traditional financing.
  • Be willing to help build your own home and be willing to help build other homes in the Habitat community.
  • Meet the residency requirements and show you have lived in Walworth County for a minimum of six months prior to application.
  • Be willing to live as a member of the community in your new neighborhood, as well as the Habitat community.
  • Show at least one person in your family has a source of income.
  • Demonstrate by your history that you will be able to pay back the cost of your loan and pay the property taxes, utilities and other expenses related to owning a home.

Applicants must also meet the following income criteria:

How do I apply for the Habitat Program?

Applications are available online or by contacting Habitat for Humanity of Walworth County staff or Directors. Applications will be accepted only during a specified open application period that is broadly advertised across Walworth County. Families interested in applying for a Habitat home are required to attend an orientation meeting where the Habitat program is explained in detail, questions answered, and application forms available. Help is available, if necessary, to complete the application and provide the necessary documents. The required orientation meetings are held during the advertised application period. Interested individuals and families should phone the office at 262-949-0542 or fill out the CONTACT form, or check the website.

If your application shows you are eligible for the Habitat program, you will be interviewed by the Family Selection committee, and may have a home visit. The Family Selection committee must decide from the many applicants which family or families to offer a PARTNERSHIP with Habitat, pending approval by the Board of Directors, based on greatest need, willingness to PARTNER, and ability to pay. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application within 30 days after the completion of their application.

If I am selected, what do I have to do?

Habitat is more than a single home, it is a community. The family chosen will become a PARTNER with Habitat for Humanity in Walworth County and will contribute sweat equity. This means you will be expected to help build your own home and/or help other families build theirs. You may also be asked to participate in other Habitat activities such as publicity and fund raising. In helping out, you will become part of the large Habitat team seeking to do away with substandard housing throughout the world.

If you have any further questions, CONTACT us directly!