Pictured above: Habitat in Walworth County Board Members with Sarah Wald.

Habitat for Humanity in Walworth County will be breaking ground on a home this Spring/Summer in Bloomfield, Wisconsin. Upon receiving numerous applications, the Family Selection Committee successfully chose a family for the build. 

We are very happy to announce that we will be building a home along side local community member, Sarah Wald and her 8-year-old son Daniel. 

“When Daniel and I were informed that we were the selected family, my whole body was shaking, it felt surreal, I couldn’t believe the news I had just received! I cried tears of joy as I explained to Daniel that we not only would have a safe and stable home, but that we will also help build our home! Daniel was so excited!” states Wald.

Both Sarah and Daniel will help with the build alongside their family, friends, local volunteers, and Habitat Board Members. Wald explained how the home will give her and Daniel an opportunity to learn and grow on their own and will also be the first place they are able to call their own home. 

Though over the years Sarah and Daniel have gone through difficult times, Wald states, “Difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations. Do not ever give up, work hard and you’ll be able to achieve anything you want. Those are words I have lived by to get me through tougher times.”

As progress on the build continues, Habitat will provide updates on how community members can volunteer and donate for the build.